Please don’t go

PLEASE DON’T GO – Buy it on Amazon16079538

The sequel to Please Don’t Tell!

The day Ethan Chapman found out that his father had been killed, his life quickly spiraled out of control. After his mother forced him to move from Australia back to London to be closer to family, his life still hadn’t changed.

The only difference was that this time he had a partner, his cousin, Peter Watson. Night after night of hitting pubs, Peter finally convinced him to go on their yearly vacation to the Caribbean. He almost didn’t go, but the desire to see Sophie Gerrard, his first crush, took over.

For the last year and a half, Ethan thanked God everyday he got on that bloody plane. Because, not only was she everything he remembered, but she was now his. And, he planned on keeping it that way. But, life never goes as planned.

Sophie Gerrard is a senior, and doing her spring semester abroad in London, to be with Ethan. Everything is perfect, until Ethan’s world shatters, and he spirals out of control. She wants to be the one to help him, but Ethan was never one to accept help easily. With Peter’s assistance, can Sophie save Ethan for a second time, or is it the end of their perfect relationship?

Told in alternating points of view.

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