Only One

OnlyOneeBookONLY ONE – Buy it on Amazon

Cole Lucca was destined to be in a uniform. A brilliantly talented quarterback, hand picked to play for his dream team, Alabama. He’s only ever loved Annabelle, but when she left she took his heart with him. He figured that she’d just forgot about him. That she ran off and never blinked an eye. Now after all this time, he was finally face to face with the only girl that he ever truly loved. Has too much time passed for him to take claim over her heart?

Annabelle Woods wants a future as an actress, and believes that California will make all her dreams come true. There was a time when she had left her heart in his bed, and never got it back. She wondered if she’d ever get the chance. After three years and thousands of miles, will she finally be able to reclaim the missing piece of her heart?

Maybe they’re both wrong. Maybe all of their dreams are right here at home…Or maybe the past should just be left in the past.

Secrets lead to destruction. Will destiny prevail?

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